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aditum (ah-dee-tum): Latin, meaning “access”


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Aditum Alternatives’ mission is to expand private and individual investor access to non-traditional investments.

We advise clients on the design, engineering, operation and distribution of alternative, non-traditional investment products, and develop intellectual property for our clients’ use.

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Private Markets

“By reducing overall portfolio volatility and enhancing yield stability, private assets could have much to offer at a time of public market turbulence and lower return expectations for traditional asset classes.”1

“Increased access to private equity is also drawing keen interest from individuals and their advisers.

Not only are private equity’s historically superior returns attractive (14% globally over the past 25 years vs. 7% for the MSCI World Index), but true diversification in the public markets has become harder to achieve over time.”2

As shown in the figures below3,2, private market investment products for individuals are a $9 Trillion opportunity over the next decade

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Ken McGuire has extensive alternative investment experience, starting with his tenure at Commodities Corporation, a firm that launched the careers of many notable hedge fund investors.

Subsequently, Ken served as the Co-Head of Operations, Finance and Technology, Chairman of the Operations Committee, and a member of the Management Policy Committee for Goldman Sachs’ Hedge Fund Strategies group.

More recently, Ken was President and Chief Operating Officer of Altegris, where he was a member of the Investment Committee and led the launch of innovative alternative investment products used by investors having a wide range of wealth levels and investment objectives.

Ken founded Aditum Alternatives in 2017.



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